INGLE Assurance: Medical Insurance Canada


INGLE Assurance is a Canadian company that has insured Canadians for over 60 years. With a cost-effective and transparent service, INGLE has provided our fellow Canadians with affordable and opt-in insurance solutions.

With the lowest rates available on the market, INGLE Assurance will be ideal for those who seek ways to avoid unforeseeable medical costs. It offers affordable insurance with high efficiency.



Summary Of Benefits



Coverage Benefit


Sum Insured

$100,000 / $150,000 / $200,000

Medical Emergency Coverage

Up to sum insured

Physician Services

Up to sum insured

Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Ray

Up to sum insured

Local Ambulance Transportation

Up to $5,000

Private Nurse Services

Up to $10000

Prescription Drugs

up to sum insured

Paramedical Services (chiropractor, osteopath, etc.)

50% of the cost / Up to $1,000

Out-of-pocket Expenses

Up to $100 while hospitalized

Accidental Dental

Up to $ 5,000

Hospital Meals and Accommodation

Up to $ 2,000

Emergency Home Return

Up to $25,000

Cremation / Burial / Repatriation

Up to $10,000

Wheelchair & appliance

Up to $5,000

Other listed practitioners

50% up to $2,000

Air ambulance home

Up to $25,000

Return of Dependents

Up to $ 3,500

Relative to bedside

Up to $ 2,000

Accidental Death

Up to $25,000


Why Buy INGLE Travel Insurance


When a disaster like an accident happens and you need to seek medical attention outside of your province, territory, or country, the cost can run up to thousands of dollars. Insurance is necessary in case things don’t go well and it all depends on the plans for healthcare coverage. INGLE Assurance Is best for medical purposes and its cost is very affordable.


What INGLE Assurance Offers:


  1. Visitor to Canada Insurance
  2. Visitor Insurance for Travel Outside Canada
  3. Super Visa Insurance
  4. Travel Outside Canada Insurance
  5. Canada Holiday for Canadian residents


INGLE Super Visa Insurance


INGLE Assurance offers Super Visa Insurance policies at affordable rates, with high-quality coverage for emergency situations like hospital visits and inpatient treatments. Their insurance policies are quick, convenient, and can be easily purchased online.



Eligibility Criteria:


You can be covered by medical emergency insurance under INGLE Assurance through a policy following these conditions:

You are eligible for coverage if on the Effective Date:


  • You are at least 15 days old, and You are age 89 or under and
  • You are not insured or eligible for benefits under a Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan; and
  • You are currently in good health, you do not have any recent signs or symptoms that are undiagnosed, and You know of no reason why You would require Treatment during Your Policy Period; and
  • You are not residing in a nursing home, rest home, convalescent home, rehabilitation center, or home for the aged and
  • You satisfy all eligibility questions listed on the medical questionnaire and application.



How to get a Refund


In order to request a refund of paid premium, please note that you must have no claims that are pending or paid for on your file. If you have submitted a claim, premium refunds will not be available.


Full Refunds:


A full refund of the premium will be provided for policies that are returned within 10 days of purchase if the policy has not been used to obtain a Visa and it is returned before the Effective Date of the policy


Refund requests will be considered for other reasons including the following:


a) Early Departure from Canada: If you return to your country of origin before the expiry date of your INGLE insurance policy. A copy of a boarding pass will be required as proof of early departure.


 b) Trip Cancellation: You can apply for a premium refund If you are medically unfit to travel to Canada. Proof of medical emergency will be required for trip cancellation.


 c) Government Insurance Plan: If you become eligible for and covered with any Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan prior to the expiry date of your policy with INGLE Assurance (Only if you are not required to have private health insurance coverage to continue eligibility for a work permit or any immigration purposes). Proof of provincial insurance coverage will be required.


d) Visa Denial: If your super Visa has been denied, you can apply for a refund of your paid insurance premium. Proof of visa rejection will be required from (IRCC).


Fees On Policy Cancellation:

  • To cancel your policy before your arrival in Canada without a visa refusal letter ($250)
  • To change the effective date after the policy has started ($50).
  • To terminate your policy because you left Canada ($50).
  • To withdraw a claim to obtain a refund ($200).
  • Other service fees may apply.


How to make a claim.


For general information / Claim Inquiries / Claim Notification / Claim Status regarding your policy call your insurance advisor or call the following numbers.

Call 1-855-883-6479 or 416-467-4587 (collect) 24/7 hours.